Boxmaster is provided as a "software as a service". This means you pay for what you use, and are billed on a monthly basis after your usage has been calculated.

Boxmaster is charged per week to you, the user, as follows (with a minimum charge of £100 pcm):

  • 2% of turnover through Boxmaster up to the first 150 deliveries per week.
  • 1% of turnover through Boxmaster for further deliveries.

This includes all hosting charges for both Boxmaster and the public facing website.

It does not include the following:

  • Mail hosting (if you do not have your own existing mail hosting, mail hosting can be purchased for a nominal sum from a third party, or a free provider (Gmail etc) can been used).
  • The cost of your domain name (normally a few pounds p/a for a address).
  • Any charges imposed by a payments services provider that you use with the system, such as SagePay or GoCardless.
  • The cost of any additional website development.

We can assist in setting up/purchasing these third party requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions.